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Monday, February 14, 2011



Three things are necessary to make every man great, every nation great :

   I. Conviction of the powers of goodness.
  II. Absence of jealousy and suspicion.
 III. Helping all who are trying to be and do good. 

                                                                                    ........... SWAMI VIVEKANANDA.

We must have a hold on the spiritual and secular education of the nation. Do you understand ?..... The education that you are getting now has some good points, but it has tremendous disadvantage which so great that the good things are all weighed down. In the first place it is not a man-making education _It is merely and entirely a negative education. A negative education or any training that is based on negation, is worse than death. 

The degeneration of India came not because the laws and customs of the ancients were bad, but because they were not allowed to be carried to their legitimate conclusion. 

The major causes of our downfall are to neglect of the masses. No amount of politics would be of any avail until the masses in India are once more well educated, well fed and well cared for. Keep the motto before you : “Elevation of masses without injuring their religion.”

In Europe, England and America you can observe even the lower level of the citizen availing all comforts and the education all round. Education, Education only. Education which is the panacea of all kind of the miseries alone ! Education is only answer, through which one can comes into faith in one’s own self the inherent knowledge is waking up in them, while the all inspire in us is gradually becoming dormant. 

If you want to become equal with the Englishman or the American, you will have to teach as well as to learn, and you have plenty yet to teach to the world for centuries to come. This has to be done. Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life. We must have life _building, man _making, character _making assimilation of ideas. The wonderful structures of the national life which the Western nations have raised, are supported by the strong pillars of character and education, and until we can produce numbers of such, it is useless to fret and fume against this or that power.

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  1. I know what you mean man.

    There was a hill top
    where I used to see,
    all of my life's possibilities in front of me.
    Four decades later,
    I returned to see
    that none of it, would ever be.

    The Delaware River meanders gracefully down to the sea by journeying through the magnificently forested hills of The Catskills Mountains first. A lonesome train track follows it's meanderings, also heading south to the sea. I was 14 years old when I first climbed Seminary Hill and saw this splendid sight.

    There was a 30-foot statue of Jesus Christ on a cross high up on Seminary Hill. The image was ghostly against blackening skies, even more so during lightning storms. The Castle-like Seminary was spread out over the level acreage at the bottom of The Hill.

    Below the Seminary, lies the Town Of Callicoon and The Delaware River. I went way out of my way on a sunny day, about 6 or 7 years ago, to return to Seminary Hill, but I never anticipated the subsequent flood of emotions that resulted from looking down that river valley... and all of those years... again.

    Quite accidentally, not long after my return to Seminary Hill, a former seminarian from my class was put in touch with me, and even though we were once very close friends, I couldn't place him when we met again. He had none of the looks, characteristics, or mannerisms of the person that I once knew. He was kind enough to bring me up to date regarding fellow mates and such, but as he talked, I looked into his unfamiliar eyes and felt like I was back up on Seminary Hill, again... searching for the guy that I once knew.