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Friday, February 18, 2011

India_the Present ; BHARAT_the ETERNAL

                                     Shall India die ? Then from the world all spirituality will be extinct, all moral perfection will be extinct, all sweet-souled sympathy for religion will be extinct, all ideality will be extinct, and in its place will reign the duality of lust and luxury as the male and female deities, with money as its priest, fraud, force and competition its ceremonies, and the human soul its sacrifice. Such a thing can never be !

                                                                  ...........SWAMI VIVEKANANDA

BUT…..? But the India, the ten percent of Bharat, a small in a big, confined only in metros and A class city, dominant onto Bharat, captured the total amenities, facilities and properties of Bharat. The India, white collared, the so called educated grabbed the entire country- economical, social and political, so long as the millions live in hunger and ignorance, the India a traitor which, having been even educated at their expense, pays not the least heed to them !
         The India have it’s over-all control onto the each and every system of democratic and sovereign India. The four pillars of democracy are in stern control of the
India. The Legislative, Judiciary, Executive as well as  Press and Media are beyond the approach of common mass which are bowing with bounded hands before India. The politics to rule the nation is a playground of cast, creed, corruption and competition playing always a lowest dirty tricks to have India under possession for unlimited. The wealth and money matter have a vital role in capturing the crown. The muscles of devil forces are dominant in general election where the usage of black arms and black money are the decisive factor to be one’s crowned in.
          The political India as we experienced since the freedom are indulged in adopting of British policy of divine and rule. The united India has been divided at the time of freedom into three segment due to self-interested expediency. The freedom that we could win by peaceful persuasion of Mahatma Gandhi is yet a completely  worthless that could not be able to transform the lives of the very lowest. Onto the platform of modern India we find the clear division amongst citizenry for their cast, creed and regionalism only.

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