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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26 th January 2010 - THE REPUBLIC DAY

This is an end of 60th year of being a republican, we are celebrating our 61st. Republic Day-26th. January, the Gantantra Diwas, the day on which we proclaimed democracy as by the people, to the people and for the people. We formulated and accepted the system of governance where the public are in rule not by crowning but by it's mandate. It is a magnificent and effective pattern of rule in which the citizen are on top. All the system of the Governance are responsible to the public. The government acts meaningfully for the people's benefit, safety and development in democracy.
But, Can we call our govt. run satisfactorily ?
Is our govt. ruling the Nation properly ?
Are the govt. serving the Country effectively ?
After completion of sixty year we'll make our assessment of the Govt. later.

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