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Friday, January 29, 2010

ETERNAL. ......

All the human being from every part of the world, the existence of a soul is confidently realized and have the faith in that it is living again from the dead. It is not a thing and does not extinct which passes from one body to another one after death of older for which to complete the cycle of detachment, liberation and re-unification with God-The Ishwar-the Omnipotent. The desire of liberation is a thirst of soul at the end of several birth, life and death when it ripened on the completion of virtuous assignment. Over all the sum total is that the a soul is immortal and is an unit of Super Soul which has to finish it's presence till deployment at this Planet.
The presence of God-Govind in the soul is obvious. God is a super power station which transmits His infinite energy into the embodied soul till it's return back to Him. The soul works in the body as battery, the spirit to feed back the infinite energy for acts and reacts. The Lord_Srikrishna is omnipresent in the very dust and the every particles of the universe whereas interlinked with all souls and even in every creature and materials. In Bhagwad Geeta "None can go a day out of my path.All have to come to me.Whosoever wants to worship in whatsoever form. I give him faith in that form, and through that I meet him."(2/12)

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