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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man. It is stored inherent in amount of knowledge in human brain which comes out when we linked the occasion by way of thought.The idea till remains covered, we are unaware with the facts but the moment we take it off on the ground of thoughts, the brain throws perfection about to understand all these.
Education is the basic need of a human being to be civilized, cultured and developed.These all are possible by getting education, which differentiates the man from brute even we may experience more clearly in more knowing man to whom this covering has been lifted or unfolded entirely or partially with the help of education. At the same time the ignorant has thick layered covering over the knowledge stored in their brain.
Education is an only troubleshooter of all kind of miseries in human life. By getting the proper education one may wipe out his hurdle of life. It is panacea for human being which can invade all universal secrets and mysteries. It may also be experienced in every sphere of life from farmland to space science. It facilitates the situation and makes favorable and comfortable.All knowledges and powers are within, the secrets of nature and universe comes from human soul. After manifestation
by the help of a Guru / Teacher the pre-existing eternal knowledge converts into an active thought. The external teacher makes it easier by way of suggestions to the internal to understand the things, and then only we realize them more clearly in the power of conception, perception and thoughts.The whole of the big is in the little seed, all that mass of energy confined, the gigantic intellect lies coiled up in the protoplasmic cell_the soul. each one of us has come out of this protoplasm, the soul_the Atman where all power and energy is lying inherent. This is the whole of the eternity.

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