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Friday, April 30, 2010

Human being_An Eternal Creation.

A human being is a blissful creation of Eternal Power downloaded with everything required for completion of whole of it's life cycle.Firstly, we need air for survival, and is also needed by every living being just after it emerges in the the world, where the atmosphere is full of air and is available abundantly to inhale oxygen from it. Secondly we require water as our body is constituted with 70% of water molecules, and the two third of this planet is full of water and we save our life from dehydration to drink water as much as we satisfy ourselves. Lastly the requirement of food is essential for the natural survival of a living being. We see almost in everywhere on our earth, the abundant availability of food materials are obvious before us.The difficulties lie only into make it available to the every individuals.The uncountable varieties of foods are available in the green world. It is all for the survival of living beings. Out of the green edible we also make us easy to digest the flesh and fish in our diet.
These all above are known to us due to our brain and mind which invades the mysteries of life saving dependable and are always ready to exploit these things for survival of a living being. Our mind is directly inter_ connected with the omnipresent power of The Almighty.

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