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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today the 5th.June 2010 _ the World Environment Day.
Our main responsibilities are to save earth, clean earth, have enriched of natural environment and above all our activities should be of eco-friendly. It is our duty at first to fix our aims of life should have careful attitude towards keeping green earth.
The beautiful mother earth, the magnificent globe, the enlightened planet decorated with the
plant kingdom and attractive with living beings is the only noble presentation of the Supreme Power. The superb creation of almighty is our marvelous earth having glittering universal presence downloaded with admirable mountains and hills, wonderful fountains and springs, the splendid falls and rivers, the awe-inspiring seas and oceans and above all the excellent kingdom of living creature. The green earth affixed with the trees, plants and herbs is ornamentally pleasant and joyful.The Creator has made His loving Planet and gifted us to play on. Everything of this planet are the Idyllic.The animal kingdom have several species vary from protoplasmic cell to well advanced and well developed human beings. Some are designed magnificently with trunk and tail, another designed as multi branches horny head. Some are white, another dappled. One is golden, another dark. Some has printed fur another with blunt epidermis. One is looking handsome another ugly. Lions and tigers are carnivorous whether elephants and rabbits are herbivorous. Cats and beers are omnivorous where parrot and deer are pretty one. How beautiful these natural gadgets are shaped by Super Soul ? What a magnificent planet is this, Aha!
But, Alas the superb creation of almighty, the human beings are engaged in harming the beautiful earth, destroying it's natural fragrance and smashing the characteristic system of it's own planet only upon which the creatures have their survival. It is a damaging situation on which we are moving forward, knowingly-unknowingly, all we are exploiting, extracting and using in very unnatural way caused irreparable damage to our beloved green earth. It is a matter of great concern that we are following all devastating way to get us developed.

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