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Thursday, August 4, 2011


                                                 QUOTE OF THE DAY.

THREE THINGS                                                                                                                                ARE NECESSARY TO MAKE EVERY MAN GREAT, EVERY NATION GREAT.


                                                                                                            ..........swami vivekananda.

                                 SOME GREAT_MEN ON SWAMI VIVEKANANDA.

::    E. P. CHELISHEV___   A leading Indologist of Soviet Russia (1921--  )::

      I find something new in Swami Vivekananda every time that helps deeper to  understand India, it's philosophy, the way of the life and custom of the people in the past and the present, their dreams of the future.... I think that Vivekananda's greatest service is the development in his teaching of humanism which incorporate the finest feature of Indian culture....
     In my opinion, Vivekananda's humanism has nothing in common with the Christian ideology which dooms man to passivity and to begging God for favours. He tried to place religious ideology at the service of the country's national interests, the emancipation of his enslaved compatriots.Vivekananda wrote that the colonialists were building one church after another in India, while the eastern countries needed bread and not religion.
     Many years will pass, many generation will come and go, Vivekananda and his time will become the distant past, but never will there fade the memory of the man who all his life dreamed of a better future for his people, who did much to awaken his compatriots and move India forward, to defend his much-suffering people from injustice and brutality. Like a rocky cliff protecting a coastal valley from storm and bad climate, from the blows of ill winds and waves, Vivekananda fought against the enemies of his motherland.
      Together with the Indian people, Soviet people who already know some of the works of Vivekananda published in USSR, highly revere the memory of the great Indian patriot, humanist and democrat, impassioned fighter for a better future for his people and all mankind.

                                                                    .......E. P. CHELISHEV .

::    HUANG XIN CHUAN___Professor of History, Beijing University   ::

      Vivekananda stands out as the most renowned philosopher and social figures of India in modern China. His philosophical and social thought and epic patriotism not only inspired the growth of nationalist movement in India, but also make a great impact abroad.
      He had some knowledge and understanding of Chinese history and culture. He made a prophecy that the Chinese culture will surely be resurrected one day like the 'Phoenix' and undertake the responsibility of the great mission of integrating the Western and the Oriental cultures.
      Vivekananda had infinite sympathy for the Chinese people living under the oppression of feudalism and imperialism: and he pinned much hope on them. After his visit to China, he made a very interesting comment. He said : ' The Chinese child is quite a philosopher and calmly goes to work at an age when your Indian boy can hardly crawl on all fours. He has learnt the philosophy of necessity too well.' This shows Vivekananda's enormous sympathy towards the miseries of the children of China in the old society.
       While explaining his visionary socialism Vivekananda made an interesting 'gospel.'

                                                          ............ HUANG XIN CHUAN.

: :       WILL DURANT___ An American Historian (1885-1981)  : :

    Swami Vivekananda preached to his countrymen a more virile creed than any Hindu had offered them since Vedic days:
    It is a man making religion that we want....Give up these weakening mysticism, and be strong.... For the next fifty years.... let all other, vain Gods disappear from our minds. This is the only God that is awake, our own race, everywhere His hands, everywhere His feet, everywhere His ears; He covers everything.... The first of all worship is the worship of those all around us.... These are all our gods_men and animals; and the first gods we have to worship are our own countrymen. 

     It was but a step from this to Gandhi.

                                                                    ........ WILL DURANT.

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